The blockchain revolution: How Blockchain Will Transform the finance industry and what does that mean for better and time to market software
based services?

Morgan Stanley Investment Management, together with its investment advisory affiliates, has more than 590 investment professionals around the world and $406 billion in assets under management or supervision as of June 30, 2016. Morgan Stanley Investment Management strives to provide outstanding long-term investment performance, service and a comprehensive suite of investment management solutions to a diverse client base, which includes governments, institutions, corporations and individuals worldwide.

From Oil Tankers to Speedboats – The story of DevOps adoption in Barclays

Jonathan Smart is the Head of Development Services and Agility Lead at Barclays Group. He leads an enterprise-wide agile transformation, continuous delivery, software engineering culture, reuse, innovation and technology career path, across Barclays Group in a federated manner. He and his team is the winner in the category of „Best Internal Agile Team, „Most Valued Agile Professional (UK) (Runner Up)“ at the Agile Awards 2016.

Leave complicated behind: Successes and failures from Capital One

Coming to CapitalOne from the startup scene, Mitch has been founding companies and FOSS projects for the past two decades. His entrepreneurial involvement includes Apple, Sun, Sequent (now IBM), ClassMates,com, Starbucks, Microsoft, MTV, Food Networks, Gilt, National Geographic, Sesame Workshop, and MongoDB. He's most known on the Open Source side for founding the Joomla! content management system, as well as contributing to MongoDB, Li3, and many other libraries and frameworks. His tech background is that of a true polyglot: Go, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, Redis, Node.js, and all UNIX variants. An active international speaker, Mitch talks often about developer workflow, automation, growth, and change.