Harnessing Business Value from Agile Transformations

Mrs. Christine M. Murray (Christie) is a veteran Agile coach and mentor whose hands-on experiences give her the perspective needed to guide organizations to harness Agile as the competitive advantage it was meant to be. In her Agile Coaching role at American Express, she works alongside Business and IT Executives guiding and coaching them in all facets of their Agile Transformation Journey.

Christie holds several advanced level agile certifications and brings 14+ years of real life Agile experiences.   Christie’s diverse background has supported Agile growth across global companies such as American Express, CISCO, TIAA-CREF, ASG, Wells Fargo, Citi Bank, Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), Westpac Bank, and Australia and New Zealand Bank(ANZ)

Christie knows first-hand the challenges organizations experience when they transition to Agile, she has lived it herself.  As a former business owner (Quantum Technology Associates) she delivered medical software solutions and led her own company through their agile transformation.   Her shared experiences and practices make her distinctively qualified to guide others in their Agile transformation journey.

From Need to Speed - How to successfully setup a DevOps transformation in the financial industry

David is a passionate technologist focused on breaking down traditional business and technology barriers by blending business acumen and technical expertise and institutionalizing business and technical collaboration to build world class software via the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). My objective is to redefine what "winning" is by having our collective priority be driving business value into production quickly, cheaply and with quality. I aspire to change the way we think about project delivery, focusing on business value over project constructs. I aspire to foster amenity and trust with all stakeholders via transparency and to have facts, data and economics motivate our decisions. I also hope to break down traditional silos and stovepipes built over years of non-organic growth. Above all else, I aspire to do all of the aforementioned with unimpeachable credibility and integrity.

From Oil Tankers to Speedboats – The story of DevOps adoption in Barclays

Jonathan Smart is the Head of Development Services and Agility Lead at Barclays Group. He leads an enterprise-wide agile transformation, continuous delivery, software engineering culture, reuse, innovation and technology career path, across Barclays Group in a federated manner. He and his team is the winner in the category of „Best Internal Agile Team, „Most Valued Agile Professional (UK) (Runner Up)“ at the Agile Awards 2016.

Leave complicated behind: Successes and failures from Capital One

Coming to CapitalOne from the startup scene, Mitch has been founding companies and FOSS projects for the past two decades. His entrepreneurial involvement includes Apple, Sun, Sequent (now IBM), ClassMates,com, Starbucks, Microsoft, MTV, Food Networks, Gilt, National Geographic, Sesame Workshop, and MongoDB. He's most known on the Open Source side for founding the Joomla! content management system, as well as contributing to MongoDB, Li3, and many other libraries and frameworks. His tech background is that of a true polyglot: Go, PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, Redis, Node.js, and all UNIX variants. An active international speaker, Mitch talks often about developer workflow, automation, growth, and change.



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